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Compete or Die - Part 1

by Julie Wassom
March/April 1998
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How do I compete with public school tuition rates? What do I do to combat the big new center down the street? What impact will changes in government funding have on my center?

Have you been wrestling with these questions? There's no doubt it's a jungle out there in terms of a competitive market. Yet, even in the thick of it, there are strategies and techniques that work to increase and maintain enrollment.

Having a high quality program, first-rate staff, and well-maintained building is not enough anymore. To be a winner in today's competitive child care game requires a keen awareness of what's happening in the marketplace, a proactive and positive approach to marketing and enrollment building, and a willingness to take the competitive initiative.

To build and keep your enrollment when the competition is breathing down your neck, you must do two things. First you have to be brutally honest - about your center, your services, and the current needs of your target markets. Second you must be open - to what your parents want and need, and to changing the way you market and provide your child care services.

"But I've always done it this way, and it has worked until now," you ...

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