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Time Management for Directors

by Ellen Hofstetter Jaffe
January/February 2005
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A life lived in chaos is an impossibility.
Madeleine L’Engle

A frequent complaint of center directors is not having enough time. Most work extremely long hours and still feel they are not getting enough done. Yet others seem to have time not only to manage their center but also to volunteer in professional associations, serve on nonprofit boards, and contribute in other ways. How do they do it? Here are some ideas to help you work " as they say " smarter, not harder.

Taking stock

Carefully examine your expectations for yourself and others as related to time. Create a chart like the one shown by making a list of the tasks you feel you should be doing in a week. Leave a column at the end for a time estimate of each activity. Ask yourself if these can all be accomplished in the time allotted. Can you do this only if there are no interruptions? Is it realistic to plan like this? Review your list again and create more realistic time estimates. If the tasks cannot be accomplished in the specified timeframe, you have to change either your methods of work or your expectations.
Do you have a supervisor who says, “Get it ...

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