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Classrooms as the Root of Challenging Behaviors
January 10, 2018
To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy.
-Sun Yat-sen

"When faced with a plant that does not thrive, the dedicated gardener will leave no stone unturned in the quest to discover why," writes Michelle Salcedo in the newest "Out of the Box" Training Kit, "Classrooms as the Root of Challenging Behaviors."

"Does it need more (or less) water? Is it receiving enough sun? Is the soil giving the plant the nutrients it needs? All of these may be impacting a plant’s development. Rarely does a gardener throw up her hands and declare the plant as unfit. Similarly, when a child exhibits challenging behaviors, what if, instead of blaming the child, we were to look first at the environment...There is great power to lessen the incidences of challenging behaviors and increase learning (Katz, 2015) when teachers create learning environments shaped around children’s needs."

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Ollie · January 10, 2018
Henrico, Virginia, United States

Great way to describe the needs of children.

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