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Being Bold
May 8, 2020
It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

“Being bold, pulling back your shoulders, stepping out of safe predictability and speaking up for what matters. Does this describe you or how you yearn to be? Each time we choose BOLDness, being Brave Original Loving Direct, scary as those times can be, magic happens.”

So begins an article by Holly Elissa Bruno, Ruth Ann Ball, Alicia D. Smith, and Beverly Cain, called “BOLDness Be My Friend.” The article provides the foundation for a new Exchange Reflections resource. The authors include many ideas to provoke thoughtful discussion and heartfelt action. They write this about the risks, and ultimately the joys, of being true to ourselves and letting our authentic voices be heard:

“Because we speak for those without voices, our BOLDness can make a world of difference to babies, children, underrepresented folk, underappreciated educators, the power of play, the wisdom in kindness and to every soul who suffers because she experiences our world differently than the majority. When were you last BOLD, standing up for what you believe in? What difference did your courage make? How did you brave your way through the claws of resistance? In this moment if you listen closely, does your true self call you like a hound of heaven to step up again? What is that difference you know in your heart you can make regardless of resistance from within and without?”

NEW Resource!
Exchange Reflections

Exchange Reflections are designed to help a team of people meet in-person or live online to think deeply together about a topic using an article from Exchange magazine as a guide. Included are discussion questions to help guide reflections, as well as a "Making Commitments" idea sheet to help prompt ideas into action. For your convenience, Exchange Reflections are available in PDF format and you can download immediately on your desktop.

We are offering a “choose your price” option during this challenging time. The regular price of Exchange Reflections (which can be used with up to 75 of your students or staff) is $10. For those of you able to pay regular price, thank you. It helps us keep paying our staff. For those of you who need to use the 50% off coupon, we understand. Times are tough right now and some budgets are on the edge. Please do what works in your own circumstances.

Use coupon code REFLECTIONS at checkout
For 50% off this new resource

Offer valid through June 13, 2020 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
May not be combined with any other offer.
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SABAH HOOSEIN · May 10, 2020
Milton, Ontario, Canada

This video is inspiring and insightful. In nature, resilience and adaptability are key traits for survival, I totally agree that resilience is a broad concept, centered on the ability not only to resist and recover from adverse shocks, but also to “bounce back” stronger than before and to learn from the experiences. In a resilient society, individuals should be empowered to cope with change and participate fully in the economy.

SABAH HOOSEIN · May 10, 2020
Milton, Ontario, Canada

An inspiring, and insightful video that motivates us to look beyond and above our current status. Changing our mind set how to still effectively and positively connecting with our children using technology, Resiliency is creative thinking, flexibility, adaptability and motivation to do the best for oneself and others.

Rabbia Annief · May 09, 2020
the Village Children
Markham, ON, Canada

very relevant to the pandemic situation

Rabbia Annief · May 09, 2020
the Village Children"s Program
Markham, ON, Canada

very informative and relevant to the pandemic we are experiencing now.

Claudia Bowen · May 09, 2020
Community Montessori School
Oak Park, IL, United States

A well done video with helpful ideas for when we go back to work with children. Thank you.

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