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From Surviving to Thriving - A Gift for You
May 13, 2020
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model.
-Buckminster Fuller

"From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Way Forward in Challenging Times," is a complimentary video series offering ideas for sustaining your early childhood organization through this world-wide crisis. Every Wednesday in coming weeks a new video in this series will be released through ExchangeEveryDay and posted on the Exchange website. Last week, the first video, "Supporting Adults in Your Community" was posted.

Today, at www.exchangepress.com/surviving-to-thriving you will find the second video, “Technology as a Lifeline.” (as well as the video from last week).

In this second video you will hear program directors and technology experts discuss how early childhood professionals have been creative and diligent in using all forms of technology to strengthen connections with families, children and each other. One major message is that what we are learning about using technology may have great value in the future, even after the pandemic is over. We hope you are finding this free video series helpful. Feel free to share it widely!

"From Surviving to Thriving" has been developed as a collaboration between Exchange magazine, Hinge Early Education Brokers, and Video Active Productions, with the donated services of producer Roger Neugebauer, World Forum Foundation Global Impact Engineer and video creator, Dan Huber, Founder of Video Active Productions. We are so grateful.

Another resource we think you might find helpful at this time is Out of the Box Training Kits (see below). One kit in particular, “Preparing Parents for Change,” might be especially helpful right now as programs are going through many changes.

Out of the Box Training Kits

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The Out of the Box Training Kit, Facilitating Collaborations Among Children, is designed to help learners understand how to enrich children’s lives by walking alongside children as they form compassion.

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Claudette · May 13, 2020
Cornerstone daycare center
Brooklyn , New York, United States

Thank you for sharing. I thought it was encouraging, informative, bringing awareness to me as a person and how important it is to encourage and renew your mind and thinking. I thought with all the informations you shared, it is helping me as an assistant teacher and so many others to thrived to another level , with new , more efficient innovative ways and ideas to teach. Physical distances should not stop great minds and thinking skills to evolve in a new era.

Brittany Cernic · May 13, 2020
Exchange Press
United States

Hi Nancy,

You can share this link to the videos: https://www.childcareexchange.com/surviving-to-thriving/, which will send you directly to the videos on our website, or if you’d like to share through social media, we’ve been posting these videos to our Facebook page as well every Thursday or Friday: https://www.facebook.com/ExchangePress.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you, and we’re so happy you’re enjoying the videos!

Best regards,
Brittany Cernic
Exchange Marketing Assistant

Nancy Kalvin · May 13, 2020
ECYC, Inc.
Rahway, NJ, United States

I watched the first video and was in tears! Good tears. This is absolutely the best insight into our current circumstances and truly is uplifting. Thank you Bonnie and all the others involved. I am wondering if there is a way I can get the videos in a format that I can share with my staff and families? I was watching the tiny screen in the e-mail. Or, is this just meant for those of us who subscribe to Exchange and is only available in the e-mail?
Thank you again for this amazing work. I look forward to listening to each video as it comes out. You are the BEST!
Nancy :)

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