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Global Perspectives
June 19, 2020
Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.
-Albert Einstein

“Global Early Childhood Perspectives on the Pandemic,” the next video in the “From Surviving to Thriving” series is now available at ExchangePress.com/surviving-to-thriving

 Here you will find fascinating perspectives on how COVID-19 is impacting children and families worldwide. Many thanks to Hinge Brokers, Video Active Productions, Roger Neugebauer and Dan Huber, for partnering with Exchange to provide these complimentary resources. Be sure to watch all the videos, since they each have unique resources and support for you. Please share the video series widely with colleagues, families, students…

The book, Hearing Everyone’s Voice: Educating Young Children for Peace and Democratic Community, contains some important thoughts on countering stereotypes:

“The idea of stereotyping – doing the we-they thing, that we are good and they – like all the ‘theys’, are bad – comes from  a place of dehumanizing those ‘other’ people. If you don’t think of those ‘other’ people as human beings with the same feelings you have, you can inflict any kind of pain and suffering on them. But the minute you begin to see those ‘other’ people as a mom who has kids, and a child who’s afraid of the dark like you’re afraid of the dark, you can no longer treat them quite as separately from yourself as you might have otherwise.”

Hearing Everyone's Voice
Educating Young Children for Peace and Democratic Community

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In Hearing Everyone's Voice, teachers and parents and children share stories of their struggles to build a democratic community by learning the many ways there are to hear each other given differences in age, ethnicity, gender, culture, and economic background. The perfect guidebook for integrating peace education, anti-bias perspective, and democratic practice into your curriculum.

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