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Free Video for Observation
October 19, 2020
Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.
-Amit Ray

Dear Exchange Community,

As you know, we’ve been asking you a lot - through surveys and personal conversations - how we can help you the most during these unusual times.

One thing we’ve heard often is the need for video that professors, trainers and directors can use to take the place of in-person observations at programs (which are not possible in our current circumstances).

So today we’d like to offer the gift of a free observation video that was filmed in a natural outdoor classroom. There’s no narration - it’s a segment of time that captures children’s engagement, adult-child interactions, and learning taking place organically in many domains. We hope by offering it at no charge, it will be a help to many.

If more of this kind of video (and other clips on a variety of topics) would be helpful on a regular basis, you can learn about an Ed.Flicks subscription below.

We’ve all been coping with this new way of life for more than half a year now. At one point or another it’s likely we’ve all experienced a bit of fear, some well-deserved pride in our creativity and perseverance, some moments of fatigue, and other moments of deep gratitude for the people in our lives who support us.

Please remember - the work you do is heroic. The children are learning from you about how to handle adversity. When they face their challenges later in life, they will think back to this time and be able to say, “My teachers did it, my family did it, and so can I.”

With great respect,
Nancy Rosenow, Exchange Publisher, on behalf of the entire Exchange team

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Exchange Press · October 21, 2020
United States


Wow, that is truly so heart-warming to hear! Thank you for your kind words. We are so grateful that this daily email has been so beneficial to you.

Jody Figuerido · October 19, 2020
The Institute for Education and PD, Inc.
Uxbridge, MA, United States

Good morning:
I subscribe to a lot of publications but, CCIE is the only one I read each and every day. Thank-you for the uplifting message, the insight, and the genuine caring you display at CCIE. It is so needed and it gives me the motivation to move forward:)

Jody Figuerido

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