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Respecting the Voices of Children

Give children the time and the space to work it out.
Karen Stephens

The international documentary, The Voices of Children, has now been viewed and provoked dialogue by thousands of advocates, students, teachers, and families worldwide thanks to its availability for free streaming and download through the World Forum Foundation website

In addition to closed-captioning in English and Portuguese, the production team has now added subtitles in Spanish and Chinese to reach an even broader audience. 

The short film documents children's views and experiences regarding rights and participation in 8 sites in 4 languages in 5 countries.

The Exchange Reimagining Our Work (ROW) collection, also offers a window into the voices of children in various parts of the world. The foundational text, From Teaching to Thinking provides an overview of what it means to collaborate with children in a respectful, intentional way. The ROW books, Cup, Treasures in the Thicket | Tesoros en el monte and You Can’t Celebrate That! describe projects where teachers and children grappled with challenging subjects, delighted in exploration, or co-created projects together. As Ann Pelo and Margie Carter explain, in the ROW Collection books “children and educators take up ideas of substance, pursuing questions in ways that are unscripted and original…We hear educators reflect – in their unique voices and contexts – on their evolving understandings of children’s capacities, and their roles as educators, and the meaning and practice of teaching and learning.”

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