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New Vision of Education

We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are hearing from Exchange readers who are needing to work from home right now, including many public school teachers who work with younger children, and also Head Start teachers. Many are engaging in remote professional development and are looking for resources to prompt discussion.  Some readers have shared with us that Ann Pelo and Margie Carter’s book, From Teaching to Thinking, has been a thought-provoking and inspiring prompt for conversations about what really matters most in our work.

Here’s an excerpt from their book:

“In the face of the suffocating press of accountability requirements, we align ourselves with the courageous educators and administrators living from a place of hope rather than despair. We strive to tell a story about education and its purposes that invigorates our commitments to justice and to joy: a story about listening, about intention, about humility and critical discourse. A story that welcomes a multiplicity of experiences and acknowledges a multiplicity of truths…

This story holds a vision of education to which we are eager to be held accountable, as it invites us to reimagine our work.” 

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