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The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.
Brian Sutton-Smith

Frequent Exchange contributors Jennifer Fiechtner and Kay Albrecht will be presenters during a free Early Childhood Investigations Webinar on June 24 at 2 PM Eastern. Here’s how Jennifer describes their session:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused collective grief for the early childhood education industry and the professionals who make it work on behalf of families. The crisis and the lack of community supports for programs means program leaders need to take a proactive, practical, and planful approach to the future. Kay and I will be discussing concrete strategies that can be implemented with little to no cost for administrators and have applicability for programs who are currently shuttered as well as those who are operating under new and changing guidelines."

Here is the link to the webinar.

We are making available to you a free Exchange magazine article that will be used during the webinar:

Another professional development resource we have just created for you is the newest of our Exchange Reflections called “Play at Work.” Here’s an excerpt from a short article by Glory Ressler that forms the basis for the discussion questions and actions steps we have developed:

“I have personally experienced, and witnessed among all types of colleagues, the negative impact of too much seriousness and not enough play. When there is no relief and the stress begins to mount, people who are usually lovely do and say things they would not otherwise.”

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