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How Will You Celebrate International Mud Day?

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
E. E. Cummings

International Mud Day is June 29, and we may all need to be a bit creative about how to celebrate this year. Whether you are open at this time, with children in your program, or whether you are still supporting families remotely, finding a way to acknowledge the fun of playing with mud – as a worldwide undertaking – could be an important way to celebrate what’s still right with the world.

The Out of the Box Training Kit called  “A Muddy First: Play for Joy and Learning,” is full of ideas that could be adapted for children to enjoy individually, or they could be shared with families to try at home.

One of the articles from the kit has this to say about the magic of mud:

“Give children dirt and water, and they make mudpies. They know that the best art material is underfoot — easy, available, friendly — and dirt cheap! But don't stop at mud pies! Earth makes all manner of 'functional art,' from model villages (on the playground, or on a table top), to play sculptures, decorative murals, and low-relief “sculpture” parties.

Our encouragement is to start planning for a way to have fun on International Mud Day!

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