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Moving Teachers to Move Children
July 14, 2017
To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.
-John Ruskin

"When teachers can recapture a memory of exhilaration and power in their bodies, they can better appreciate and provide for it with children. Whether in a staff meeting or class, ask teachers to close their eyes and make themselves comfortable. Tell them to think back to their childhoods and find a favorite time when they were physically active." So writes Margie Carter in her article, "Moving Teachers to Move Children," that is part of the book, Curriculum: Art, Music, Movement, Drama: A Beginnings Workshop Book.

"What was the setting? Who was there? How did they get into the activity?... Is there a reason they stopped doing this activity as they grew older, or is it still something they do?...

"In a group discussion about these memories, teachers often reveal the excitement of pushing their (or someone else's limits)...Childhood memories can lead to insights regarding teachers’ own comfort levels with physically challenging action and safety factors. The discussion can spark new considerations on how to safely plan for children to take physical risks."

Beginnings Workshop Books

Beginnings Professional Development Workshop books are invaluable resources for staff training. 

Titles Include:

  • Behavior
  • Child Development
  • Child Development II
  • Curriculum - Art, Music, Movement, Drama
  • Curriculum - Brain Research, Math, Science
  • Environments
  • Literacy


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Emilu Alvarez
The creative Learning zenter
Miami, Fl, United States
07/14/2017 04:13 am

As a lifelong learner I have seen the power, my own stories have on my families. I have students of mine that are now bringing their own children to my preschool and saying " we cannot wait for our child to hear one of your stories ms. Emi." Who else could convey share your own stories better than yourself. Say it with passion and love and you will capture them forever.

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