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Too Much, Too Little or Both?
August 25, 2017
No great thing is created suddenly.
-Epictetus in Discourses

"Today's children are often over-stimulated or under-stimulated in early childhood environments...sometimes both at the same time! Over-stimulation can occur when classrooms or play spaces are filled with too many confusing visual images, too much noise, or no clear pattern of organization. Under-stimulation can come from a lack of fully engaging materials and activities, adults who don't see themselves as fellow investigators with children, too much indoor time with little chance to connect with the natural world, and too much passivity. Finding ways to solve these problems can lead to calmer, happier behaviors and more fulfilling experiences for both children and adults," writes Nancy Rosenow, in the Exchange "Out of the Box" Training Kit, The Impact of Sensory Integration on Behavior: Discovering Our Best Selves.

"Keeping spaces well-organized and free from clutter helps. So does filling the spaces with carefully selected toys and furniture made mostly from beautiful, natural materials and less from garishly colored plastics. Thoughtfully choosing visual images (photographs, picture books, paintings) for children’s environments can also help tremendously. We can show children how to make sense of the visual information in their environments by encouraging them to look for patterns in images and to find similarities in shapes, textures, and colors."

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