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Crucial Need for Critical Thinking
September 1, 2017
I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

"We want our political leaders to use the best possible knowledge to guide our country into greater safety and economic stability. We want the pilots of our airplanes to know how to respond if the plane runs into turbulence, icy conditions, bird strikes, thunderstorms or mechanical problems..." writes Ellen Galinsky, in her book, Mind in the Making.

"At its core, critical thinking is the ongoing search for valid and reliable knowledge to guide our beliefs and actions...The skill of critical thinking follows a developmental path through childhood and into adulthood, but its use must be promoted...Critical thinking involves 'thinking about our thinking' by reflecting, analyzing, reasoning, planning and evaluating."

Galinsky poses this important question to educators: "How do we help children know when to trust their own experiences and when to dig deeper, ask more questions, and test out more possibilities? How do we help them learn to discern which people are reliable providers of information and which people aren't?"

Mind in the Making
The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Ellen Galinsky provides research-based advice for parents and teachers on how to raise their children to be well rounded and achieve their full potential — learning to take on life’s challenges, communicating well with others, and remaining committed to learning.


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Auckland, New Zealand
09/03/2017 9:12 pm

The very best information and training for bringing up your child to be a critical thinker who is able to think outside the box to walk in wisdom and discernment is the bible every thought and idea on the subject is found in the bible the marjority of scholars on the subject have first sourced their ideas from here then tried to add their own slant on what they have read.

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