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Power of Kindness
September 11, 2017
Do not fear mistakes. There are none.
-Miles Davis

In his Mindful magazine article, "The Power of Kindness," Dacher Keltner discusses how his research shows that sustained power comes from practicing the following traits:

"Empathy: Ask a great question or two in every interaction...Listen with gusto...When someone comes to you with a problem, signal concern with phrases such as, 'I'm sorry' and 'That’s really tough.' Avoid rushing to judgment and advice...Before meetings, take a moment to think about the person you'll be with and what is happening in his or her life.

Gratitude: Make thoughtful thank-you's a part of how you communicate with others...Send colleagues specific and timely emails or notes of appreciation...Publicly acknowledge the value that each person contributes to your team...Use the right kind of touch – pats on the back, fist bumps, or high fives – to celebrate successes.

Generosity: Seek opportunities to spend a little one-on-one time with people...Delegate some important and high-profile responsibilities...Give praise generously...Share the limelight. Give credit to all who contribute to the success of your organization."

Source: "The Power of Kindness," by Dacher Keltner, Mindful magazine, February, 2017.

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LenaMae Shirley
a soul for,
Modesto, California, United States
09/11/2017 07:47 am

I don't think Math should be in your subject.. Just be,"Real!"

LenaMae Shirley
a soul for,
Modesto, California, United States
09/11/2017 07:45 am

Going back too scripture, we are too encourage each other. Not for for yourself but being there too help in giving each other good, solid, and sincere caring...Thank you...

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