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Begin with Wonder
March 8, 2018
While we teach, we learn.

"All knowledge begins with wonder," write Sandra Duncan and Jody Martin in Bringing the Outside In: Ideas for Creating Nature-Based Classroom Experiences for Young Children. "Nature – with its infinite and boundless glory – is a kaleidoscope filled with wonder. Like a kaleidoscope, nature changes from moment to moment, revealing intricate patterns, dazzling colors, and magnificent feasts to our eyes, minds and souls." The authors make the case that one of the best ways to help young children experience wonder is by “bringing the wondrous outside world of seeds, plants, and gardens into your [indoor] classroom...It's time for you and your children to get your hands dirty and have the wondrous feel of dirt up to your elbows."

Bringing the Outside In

This wonderful new resource is filled with ideas for supporting children's creative explorations, inspired by the wonders of nature. Each hands-on, open-ended, and sensory oriented experience is designed to spark discovery and imagination; encourage conversations and collaborations; and allow young children to develop a sense of wonder and get to know the natural world.

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