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Create a Community of Learners
May 10, 2018
Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.
-Jawaharal Nehru

“Several years ago I was invited to write a paper on three gold-standard early childhood programs that have been studied for decades as the models for profound and positive development, learning, and adulthood success in children from very challenging backgrounds,” writes Ellen Galinsky in her popular book, Mind in the Making. Galinsky explains what she learned from interviewing administrators associated with the High/Scope Perry Preschool Project, the Abecedarian Project and the Chicago Child-Parent Centers:

“These researchers talked about many things that made a difference, among them the importance of viewing social-emotional and intellectual learning as being linked and helping children find something they care about learning and then pursuing that. But I also heard another message that has not been communicated loudly or frequently enough. Each of these programs became a ‘community of learners,’ a place where administrators were learning, teachers were learning, parents were learning, and children were learning…My interviews revealed that adults fostered children’s motivation by being motivated themselves.”

Mind in the Making
The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Ellen Galinsky provides research-based advice for parents and teachers on how to raise their children to be well rounded and achieve their full potential — learning to take on life’s challenges, communicating well with others, and remaining committed to learning.


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Arlene DeCicco · May 10, 2018
McKor Shalon Nursery
Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

One of the most important things in raising children, is to teach them how to deal with adversity, but most of all I think that they learn by example. I was always told that things could be worse in every difficult situation, and till today, that saying is in my head through harsh times, along with keeping my strength, which is also a great example in raising children.

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