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Come to the 2019 World Forum and See the World!
June 26, 2018
"Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken."
-Frank Herbert

Are you a travel connoisseur? If visiting new places gets your heart racing, the 2019 World Forum in Macao, China is calling your name. While making your plans to attend the 2019 World Forum on Early Care and Education, you should be thinking about the numerous chances to experience a new and exciting place on your way to or from Macao!  Connections are possible for exotic places such as...Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Delhi, Seoul, Indonesia, Fiji, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, and Bhutan. Register here and start planning today!

Register for the 2019
World Forum on Early Care and Education

If you care about the well-being of the world’s children, we welcome you with open arms! Join us in our mission to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings.

Visit our website to learn about what WE can do together to change the world and REGISTER TODAY!


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Adrienne Schoen gunn · June 26, 2018
Santa Monica College
Carlsbad, CA, United States

Going to the World Forum is one of the great experiences in my well seasoned ECE career! For me, what was one of the best mindsets was that no matter where one is in terms of experience, everyone has something to share with another! Being a presenter both in Hawaii and in Auckland and connecting with so many folks and hearing their stories, will definitely be two of the best conferences and high points in my career. Happy to still connect with some of those from both times and hope to be attending more WF in the future!

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