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Relaxing Into Our Bodies
July 13, 2018
If you wish to succeed, consult three old people.
-Chinese Proverb

“We adults tend to be squeamish about our bodies, carefully managing our scents and secretions, our hungers and desires. Not children,” writes Ann Pelo in her beautiful book, The Goodness of Rain, where she describes the many lessons learned during a magical year as a caregiver for young Dylan, with a commitment to spending time outdoors every day, no matter the weather.  

“When I began my year with Dylan, I thought myself attuned to the physical world, ready to bend close to a flower to study its depths, or to pause on a walk to listen to a bird’s song. But my attention was short-lived, I learned, when Dylan was my companion…Dylan took such a lot of time with each encounter, belying the notion that young children have short attention spans…

I learned from Dylan the meaning of the oft-spoken adage that we ought to look at the world the way a child looks, ‘as if for the first time,’ and, so, I slowed down – way, way down…

I didn’t start behaving like Dylan – I didn’t start burying my nose in my lunch and licking raindrops off my coat. But I certainly relaxed more fully into my body, and more importantly, I learned to give Dylan ample permission to bring every sense into her encounters with the world.” 

The Goodness of Rain
Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children

"Reading The Goodness of Rain made my heart soar. With her beautiful descriptions of guiding young Dylan into seeing the details of the natural world around her, Ann Pelo offers us a clear picture of how we can offer children a strong sense of place in their upbringing." – Margie Carter

Join author Ann Pelo on her year-long journey as she nurtures the ecological identity of a toddler and discovers for herself what it means to live in relationship with the natural world.

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Terry Kelly · July 13, 2018
Spirit Child Yoga & ECE Consulting
Toronto, ON, Canada

Beautiful lesson. Beautiful book. Highly recommend it!

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