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If These Walls Could Talk
July 27, 2018
The foolish person seeks happiness in the distance, the wise person grows it under his feet.
-James Oppenheim

“Places have stories to tell...” wrote Jim Greenman in Caring Spaces, Learning Places (newly revised by Mike Lindstrom). “Think of an attic and the ghosts of the past…old toys, letters and photographs…Think of schools: from bulletin boards and display shelves to names carved in wood and ‘Jake loves Gloria’ on the outside wall.”

Narration is important in early care and education programs because children and families benefit from the connection to community, and from a business perspective, ‘talking walls’ communicate the program’s mission, activities, and values to current and prospective consumers…

In a children’s setting where active learning, reflection, sharing perspectives, insights and achievements, and building community are ongoing missions, there is much to tell. Corridor galleries, information kiosks, in-room documentation displays, outdoor plantings, and sculpture all should be implemented in the facility design.”

Caring Spaces, Learning Places

Find a variety of ideas for creating environments for children that help them celebrate and appreciate the rich diversity of our world. In the newest edition of Caring Spaces, Learning Places, find current thinking about children’s environments—380 pages to challenge you, stimulate you, inspire you.

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