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Tell Yourself These Things Each Day
July 31, 2018
There is nothing we cannot live down, rise above, or overcome.
-Ella Wheeler-Wilcox

“Here are 15 phrases you should say to yourself more often to create the kind of life that will help you become the best version of yourself,” writes Lolly Daskal in an online article. Here’s a sample of some of the phrases:

“I would rather be kind than right...

I will say what I mean and mean what I say...

I am tough and yet I am patient...

I will stop being a fixer...

I will stop judging and criticizing...

I accept that my mistakes are a big part of being successful.”

Source: “A Career Coach Shares 15 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Day,” by Lolly Daskal, Business Insider, March 6, 2017

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Arlene DeCicco
McKor Shalon Nursery
Cherry Hill, NJ, United States
07/31/2018 04:56 am

Great thoughtful phrases that should be implanted in our mind every day.

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