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Loose Parts Webinar
July 30, 2018
Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
-Vince Lombardi

In an article on the website childinthecity.org, author Allie Pasquier discusses using loose parts for community engagement activities: "Loose parts can be part of a truer reflection of a community and its culture, because the materials we can access and use change from place to place...From planned festivals to pop-up play events and educational spaces, loose parts can provide a window into a community at play...making a commitment to children, giving them the time, space, and materials to explore the world through play."

Source: “Loose parts play is highly engaging for children,” by Allie Pasquier, childinthecity.org, November 5, 2016

Want to learn more about using loose parts in meaningful ways? This upcoming webinar is a wonderful opportunity.

Here is the link for registration: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/using-loose-parts-create-cultural-sustainable-environments-miriam-beloglovsky-lisa-daly

NEW! Loose Parts 3
Inspiring Culturally Sustainable Environments

The next installment for the award-winning Loose Parts series offers inspiration and guidance on creating culturally sensitive and culturally sustainable early childhood environments. With the help of over 400 full-color photos this book guides readers to use their environment to promote a sense of wonder, curiosity, and joy, and allow children to explore their identity.


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