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Using Mealtime for Observation
September 6, 2018
There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.
-Graham Greene

"What if lunchtime could be more than a meal?" asks Betty Piedra in an article that forms the basis of an "Out of the Box" Training Kit called "Mealtime Observation."

"Lost amidst the chaos and confusion of a typical preschool classroom at lunchtime are important moments of observable growth and development," Piedra explains. "Because lunch is both an independent task and a social event, it offers a unique chance to study children in action...We can take advantage of this observation-rich time by planning ahead, recognizing opportunities for observation across developmental areas, and using our observations for individual assessment."

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Arlene DeCicco · September 06, 2018
McKor Shalon Nursery
Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

A great observation for viewing children's school mealtime independence, along with their social abilities.

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