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Inspirational Support for Educators
September 7, 2018
My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
-Clarence Budinton Kelland

An earlier edition of ExchangeEveryDay quoted Ann Pelo and Margie Carter (in their bestselling book, From Teaching to Thinking) about their hopes for how teachers will engage with children. Following are their hopes for how leaders will engage with educators. They write:

"And here’s how I hope that pedagogical leaders engage with educators:

  • I hope that we hold educators in the highest regard.

  • I hope that we invite educators to stretch even as we affirm their competence and knowledge.

  • I hope that we honor heart and spirit as well as mind.

  • I hope that we plan for professional learning responsively and with curiosity, with clearly articulated values and pedagogical commitments.

  • I hope that we make educators’ learning visible to them, as well as their questions and misunderstandings, in a way that invites further questioning and learning.

  • I hope that we engage educators in the pursuit of an idea over long stretches of time.

  • I hope that we are willing to be changed by what we learn from and with educators.

From Teaching to Thinking

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Naturally, children are eager for connective relationships, they are curious, they are thinkers. This foundational text is a pedagogical companion for educators that strengthens their own development as thinkers, researchers, innovators, and constructors of knowledge so that they can pass on this way of being to the children in their care.

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