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Blocks Worth the Investment
September 13, 2018
The nursery-school, if it became universal, could in one generation, remove the profound differences in education which at present divide the classes, could produce a population all enjoying the mental and physical development which is now confined to the most fortunate, and could remove the terrible dead-weight of disease and stupidity and malevolence which now makes progress so difficult.
-Bertrand Russell in Education and the Good Life, 1926

Betty Jones, writing in the Exchange Essentials, “Block Play,” shares these observations about making the most of children’s work with three-dimensional materials:

"With full-size materials children build spaces they can live in, indoors or out. Large hollow wooden blocks — expensive and worth the investment — are the most durable and versatile material. They can be combined in many ways to create houses, sidewalks, walls, and trains...

Blocks can be extended with a variety of less expensive and free materials — boards, crates, large pieces of cardboard, sheets, and blankets (for roofs and doors). Loose parts enable children to become inventors and problem solvers: If there isn't enough room on our bus, how can we make it bigger? If I want my little house all to myself this morning, what can you use to build a little house on your own? The availability of enough loose parts helps adults manage conflicts between children by suggesting new ideas for their play."

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