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Wish Upon a Star
October 24, 2018
An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.
-Benjamin Franklin

In the book Art of Leadership: Engaging Families in Early Childhood Organizations, Karen Stephens shares a number of ideas for holding meaningful and creatively engaging parent meetings. Here is one of them:

“Wish Upon a Star:
Give each parent a shiny cardboard star and a marker or pen. On one side of the star, ask them to write down their hopes for their child. On the other side, ask them to write down or draw their dreams for their family. After writing/drawing is finished, ask parents to share their hopes and dreams with each other. Discuss specific ways for achieving our hopes for our children and dreams for our family. At meeting’s end, encourage parents to take their star home to share with their children. And they might want to hang the star in a window or post on the refrigerator as a reminder of their heart’s desire.

Variation: Pass out magic wands to parents. Ask each to share what they’d wish for in terms of parenting. More patience? More time?”

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