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Want to Become an Idea Magnet?
November 23, 2018
Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.
-Robert Jarvik

In his new book, Idea Magnets, Mike Brown provides a number of thoughts on how to become the kind of innovative, effective leader he refers to as an “Idea Magnet.” Here are a few, taken from various parts of the book:

“- How do Idea Magnets inspire themselves and those around them? First, an Idea Magnet makes sure his or her personal core purpose is solid. This grounding in what’s important extends to their teams and organizations.

- What makes Idea Magnets so attractive? They charge the workplace and life with excitement. They take the opposite approach to conventional ways of doing things. What others would consider as limitations, they see as opportunities.

- When an initiative launches, Idea Magnets focus on ensuring their teams are prepared and supported so they can best perform successfully. By providing upfront direction on how much freedom team members have to explore and experiment during implementation, they enable strong engagement and ownership.

- An Idea Magnet must both push for action and exercise strategic patience with team members. Idea Magnets see ahead of others. Yet, they need to exhibit patience as others strive to better understand the vision and strategies that an Idea Magnet has already foreseen.”

Idea Magnets
7 Strategies for Cultivating and
Attracting Creative Business Leaders

Here’s another idea for a unique and affordable holiday gift (for someone else or for yourself). Idea Magnets is about becoming a more dynamic leader who inspires extreme creativity and innovative success. You'll learn to envision new creative paths that deliver powerful impact.

These strategies will strengthen your leadership, attract new ideas and people, and lead to greater fulfillment for you and everyone around you!


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