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Voices of Children Documentary
December 4, 2018
Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.
-Roger Miller

"Children from five diverse countries draw us into their worlds through their many voices,” reads the description of the “Voices of Children” documentary, a new resource now available for free download on the World Forum Foundation website at https://worldforumfoundation.org/workinggroups/childrens-rights/voc-documentary/

Here’s the description of the documentary that the members of the World Forum Foundation Children’s Rights Working Group created: “We see children as current citizens of the world.  As active and capable community participants, their perspectives can inform our thinking about rights. In this small film with a big heart, we meet young children from communities around the globe, bringing us a glimpse of their extraordinary diversity. Behind their experiences lie messages, both universal and informed by place, time, and culture. The children share their ideas, hopes, challenges, and capacity through many forms of expression. We watch as they talk, sing, work, dance, and play. They are telling us their understandings of rights. Engage directly with the children in the film and listen deeply. What messages do you hear?”

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