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Generating Profound Moments
January 23, 2019
Materials seem to have their own inner life and their own story to tell. Yet they can only be transformed through their encounter with people.
-Lella Gandini and Judith Allen Kaminsky

In their beautiful book, Cup, authors Bridgette Towle and Angela Heape tell the following story of what happened when they worked alongside a child named Ira to create something magical that was sparked from exploring a simple material - plastic cups.

"As Ira stood contemplating his work [with cups] he thought aloud: 'If the light was off it would glow out everywhere behind you.'

Ira switched off the light to test his theory. Much to his delight the cups indeed appeared to glow. Fired by this discovery Ira asked if we could block out all the natural light to see if the cups glowed brighter.

Our instinctive response was to support and accompany Ira in his investigations. To encourage children to take risks and be inventive it is important to think genuinely alongside them about what might be possible, rather than steering them towards the ‘right’ answer, or toward our own predetermined ideas. As teachers we want to model that we can embrace uncertainty, be playful, and willing to experiment in the moment.”

The authors go on to describe how they supported Ira in much trial and error with light and the cups…some experiments working well and others not working at all. But they encouraged Ira to keep experimenting.

They end their description with these words: "An encounter between materials, child, and teacher generated transformational effect, eliciting a sense of curiosity, surprise, and enchanting creativity…In this profound moment of beauty and grace the light studio was born."

A Vibrant Vessel of Learning and Creativity

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"The story of the children, the educators, the families, and the cups embodies the conviction that education both requires and nurtures imagination, determination, vision, humility, experimentation, relationship, and listening. Bridgette, Angela, the children, and their families demonstrate the generosity, playfulness, and intellectual vitality of a community anchored by these qualities—a community alive with small acts of magic." – Ann Pelo and Margie Carter

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