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Keeping the Fire in the Belly
March 13, 2019
The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.
-Sir John Lubbock

"When I became a kindergarten teacher," explains Margie Carter in the book, From Teaching to Thinking (that she co-authored with Ann Pelo), "I was eager to know who each child was, to share a heart connection with each child, to find a window into how each child put together ideas and made meaning out of their early encounters with the physical world of ideas. In 1964 I didn’t have the fierce pressures for instruction toward assessment and school readiness...but neither did I have thinking partners or mentors to move me into deeper considerations for my work...

As a new teacher, mostly left to my own floundering devices, I fell into looking for effective techniques to 'manage' my classroom. I lost track of my earlier philosophical considerations for daily teaching...Before long I became discouraged, my longings and vision for my work dislodged...

What would have helped me find my footing, kept a fire in my belly, and not narrowed my thinking to a search for strategies?...I needed an environment with colleagues and leadership that shared questions and stories…All teachers need an organizational culture where there is space to find your intentions, your questions, and agency."

From Teaching to Thinking

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Heather Jackson · March 13, 2019
The Sunflower School
Orangeville , Ontario, Canada

This book, for me was filled with so many interesting stories, I have been in this field for 35 years and have respected the work of Margie Carter and Ann Pelo and have seen both of them speak. This article and Margie's story makes me think of my early days as a Director and how could I mentor my teachers in emergent curriculum and the work being done in Reggio Emilia. I was a fish out of water and had to find my own way but books like the visionary director and designs for learning helped guide me and my teachers. I like the writing style of the book - Ann would write the first part and margie would reflect on it. I gained so much insight and it made me think about my own work with educators and children. Thank you once again for a great read.

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