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Drawing Aids Learning Powerfully
June 25, 2019
You canít use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.
-Maya Angelou

An interesting new video on the Edutopia website illustrates new research on the powerful effects that drawing has on learning. Geared more to teachers of elementary aged children, the video nevertheless has important food-for-thought for all educators: https://www.edutopia.org/video/powerful-effects-drawing-learning.

And, in an article that forms the foundation of an Out of the Box Training Kit geared to early childhood educators, Sandra Duncan, Jessica DeViney and Sara Harris describe how adding some nature-based art tools can encourage children’s interest in all types of artistic expression. They explain, “Art tools that are man-made – especially commercially manufactured plastic – can leave children feeling restricted and uninspired, but there is energy in nature…it inspires a beautiful perspective of the world, and simply adding some natural items for children…can spark their imaginations and creativity.” An example of a swap they recommend is using a dried ear of corn to leave interesting impressions on clay instead of a plastic rolling pin.

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