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Wondrous World of Infants and Toddlers
September 24, 2019
Children are the best audience: they are curious, enthusiastic, impulsive, generous, and pleased by simple joys. They laugh easily at the ridiculous and are willing to believe the absurd. Children are not ironic, disillusioned, or indifferent, but hopeful, open-minded, and open-hearted, with a voracious hunger for pictures and stories.
-Eric Rohmann

In the Turn-Key DVD, The Heart of Infant and Toddler Care, the beloved Founding Director of Boulder Journey School, the late Ellen Hall, describes the world of young children this way: "Everything is new for infants and toddlers. Alison Gopnik writes that young children's first days are like being in Paris and falling in love after drinking three espressos... Everything is wondrous. They're on fire...That's how I see the children. Even when they're struggling, there's that curiosity, that need to find out 'who am I' and 'where do I fit in this world?' To be watching that, to have the honor of watching that, to me is spectacular."

And in the lovely book, Being With Infants & Toddlers, by Beverly Kovach and Susan Patrick, the authors write that “your relationship with the baby is the curriculum…keeping the focus individualized based on each baby requires alert observation and timely accurate action…This is very hard to do in group care. And yet, for babies to thrive…physically  and emotionally, it needs to happen.”

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