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Develop a Thicker Skin
October 25, 2019
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn...and change.
-Carl Rogers

In his article, “How to Not Take Things Personally,” on the positivityblog.com website, Henrik Edberg provides six tips for developing a thicker skin:

  1. “Breathe. Just focus on your breath…it helps you calm your mind…
  2. Get clarification. Don’t jump to conclusions…
  3. Realize that everything isn’t about you…
  4. Talk it out…
  5. Ask yourself: Is there actually something here that could help me?...
  6. Improve your self-esteem. One simple way to start improving your self-esteem today is to be kinder to the people in your own life.”

And in their article, “The Value of Having a Thicker Skin in a (Sometimes) Thin-Skinned Profession,” (part of the Exchange Essentials article collection, Build Your Leadership Capacity), Sean Durham and Holly Elissa Bruno write: “Children closely observe inter­actions among adults in our profession, especially when those interactions are spontaneous and emotionally charged. For a child, the things adults say and do are powerful examples for learning life skills. How we give and receive feedback, express personal values, deal with emotions, and even ‘rub each other the wrong way’ teach children how to navigate bumps in the road in their emotions and relationships. Given that the unwritten command is for us to play well with others while exhibiting positive behavior…can we become better models during uncomfortable and unplanned times of confrontation?”

Source: “How to Not Take Things Personally: 6 Helpful Hints,” by Henrik Edberg, positivityblog.com, April 11, 2018

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