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To Live Honorably
October 31, 2019
Halloween is not only about putting on the costume, but itís about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.
-Elvis Duran

Ann Pelo, in her beautiful book, The Goodness of Rain, writes about what it means when adults help children develop an “ecological identity”: “To nurture ecological identity in young children, we invite them into relationship with the world beyond walls and with the creatures that live there. We invite them into ethical thinking anchored by the compassion that comes from caring and engaged relationships. We invite them to come home to the Earth, and to live honorably in that home.”

Ruth Wilson, in her Exchange article, “Beauty in the Lives of Young Children” (which forms the foundation of an Out of the Box Training Kit by the same name), writes about how cultivating a love for beauty can also support children’s full engagement and appreciation for the world around them. “Beauty has been described as an essential force in our lives. Does this suggest that beauty is something we need to become fully human? Is it a critical component in our holistic development?...Some psychologists – including Abraham Maslow…and Howard Gardner…suggest that beauty is a basic human need and one of the ‘important values’ defining, in part, the essence of who we are.” 

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