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Beauty as a Basic Human Need
December 3, 2019
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.
-Chinese proverb

Kyriaki Raouna, in an article on the website, careeraddict.com, declares that she believes these ten things to be the most important in life:

"Health; Family;  Friends; Purpose; Freedom; Peace; Self-Development; Love; Food,Water, Oxygen; and Faith"

In an article that forms the basis for an Out of the Box Training Kit, Ruth Wilson makes the case that beauty is also an essential element in a well-lived life. She describes beauty as "one of the most profound and essential forces in our lives," and asserts that surrounding children with beauty is crucial to their well-being. She quotes famous psychologist Abraham Maslow who wrote that children have 'being needs,' including "creativity, spontaneity, beauty, independence, self-expression, and morality," and declares that "Maslow's theory certainly supports the theory that beauty – as one of the 'being needs' – promotes holistic human development."

Source: “Top 10 most important things in life,” by Kyriaki Raouna, careeraddict.com, April 17, 2015

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