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Monday Encouragement: Celebrate What’s Right with the World
June 29, 2020
Celebrate what you want to see more of.
-Thomas J. Peters

Dear Exchange Community,

Today is International Mud Day, a time to celebrate the delights of good old fashioned mud - a material readily available to children throughout our world. Mud Day began as a conversation between Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal and Gillian McAuliffe from Australia, during a meeting at the World Forum on Early Care and Education. Read the whole story here: https://bonniesglobalcafe.worldforumfoundation.org/international-mud-day

While this year’s Mud Day may have to be tweaked because of the pandemic, I’ve talked to many of you who are using your creativity to bring this joyful experience to children during a time where joy is very much needed. Please send your stories (and photos if you have them) to info@worldforumfoundation.org

I just finished reading Rusty Keeler’s new book, Adventures in Risky Play and he has a great section on children and mud. It reminded me that it’s our responsibility as adults to help children savor all that’s right with the world. (And despite our many challenges, we still have beauty, kindness, love...squishy mud.)

Children are taking their cues from us about how to react to difficulty. Let’s find our strength of heart and show them we haven’t lost sight of goodness - or of gratitude. Here’s an idea: maybe we could talk to children every day about the things in our life we appreciate.

Two things I especially appreciate are the courage and commitment of early childhood professionals. YOU exemplify what’s right with our world.

Thank you,
Nancy Rosenow, Exchange Publisher

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Adventures in Risky Play: What is Your Yes? goes to the heart of risk-taking and children. As educators working with young children, we all have boundaries and feelings around what risky play is allowed. Rusty Keeler invites us to examine the cage of boundaries that we have created for ourselves and our children. He challenges us to rattle our cage and discover where the lines are movable. In our role as educators and caretakers, when we allow children to play and confront risk on their own terms, we see them develop, hold their locus of control and make choices on how to navigate the bumpy terrain of a situation. What better teaching tool for life is there?

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