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Art for All: Conversations that Support Inclusion
November 4, 2020
Conversation is the way we discover how to transform our world, together.
-Margaret Wheatley

Nancie Tonner West, in an article that forms the basis of an Out of the Box Training Kit, “Art for All Children,” describes a team of educators who found great success in holding regular conversations about inclusion. She describes one such conversation that focused on ensuring appropriate art experiences were available for all kinds of learners:

“Maria organizes her notes as she prepares to join KidTalk, a time set aside for teachers' conversation about children. Today, a special educator and therapist will help the teachers prepare for welcoming Peter, a child identified with special needs. Maria has several questions she wants to explore and looks forward to exchanging some ideas that may be useful in planning appropriate art experiences for the new child.

A regularly scheduled conversation about including all children of differing abilities in art experiences provides teachers with time for reflection on child learning. Our discussions focus on ways we can support children as they engage in thinking, talking, and creating. During this time we analyze and interpret our observations and ask specific questions that draw upon the experience of each person engaged in supporting the child...It is in dialogue with each other and as a group that we create a shared framework for working together. As we listen, explore our questions, share our ideas and feelings we reflect the image of ourselves as teacher learners.”

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