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What Do Great Leaders Do?
February 17, 2021
No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.
-Alice Walker

A blog post on the Cult Branding website declares that "Great leaders know that everyone wants to be a part of creating the vision. Keep your team involved and motivated by asking these three questions:

  1. ‘How are things going?’...
  2. ‘What do you think?’...
  3. ‘How can I help you?’"

And in the book, Art of Leadership: Developing People, Pam Schiller declares that a successful leader "is in many ways like a winning coach." Schiller suggests using time-tested strategies to create a staff where "the whole team benefits and each individual player is able to blossom to full potential." Here are three of them:

1Be a Good Scout: Building a winning team begins with the selection of the players…Make a list of attributes you expect to find in an employee and stay committed to not settling for less…Hire people who are versatile…Ask yourself if the candidate fits into the existing team…

2. Let Orientation Be Your Warm Up: Start with the end in mind…Employees should not have to find out about a rule by breaking it…

3. Get Your Signals Straight: Communication is key to the game…Establish regular and frequent communication [between administrators and staff and among team members], and provide team members appropriate support for communicating effectively with parents."

Source: https://cultbranding.com/ceo/3-questions-great-leaders-ask/?fbclid=IwAR1_4nFAaL_4y4bb9GXg-JExB6oqLu0n4i87flBOx018_mCGVTxLKYFD330

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