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Please Share Your Thoughts
May 4, 2021
Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.
-Anne Frank
Last week, in his address to Congress, this is what President Joe Biden said, related to the early childhood field:

“That is why my American Families Plan guarantees four additional years of public education starting as early as we can. Great universities in this country are conducting studies of the last 10 years and it shows that adding two years of universal, high-quality preschool for every three and four-year-old no matter what background they come from puts them in a position to be able to compete all the way through 12 years. It increases exponentially their prospects of graduating and going on beyond graduation. Research shows when a young child goes to school, not daycare, they are far more likely to graduate from high school. And go to college. Or something after high school.”

We have been hearing from readers who feel many different ways - disturbed about the phrase “school, not daycare,” - happy that the importance of early care and education is being addressed - concerned that some politicians may not understand the complexity of our field...

We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. We welcome honest comments that are expressed in respectful ways.

Thank you for taking the time to exchange ideas. We will start with a comment of our own: early care and education matters - in all settings.


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Comments (33)

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Tiffany Peckham · May 06, 2021
Lincoln, NE, United States

I have read all of your comments and I'm just so proud of all of the work that is going on within Early Childhood Education. We all come from different backgrounds but unite with giving quality care to the children of our world. Thank you for sharing all of your honest, vulnerable thoughts with us.


Monica Moran · May 04, 2021
Husky House, Inc.
Lafayette, CA, United States

It's an older catchphrase but worth repeating - we don't care for DAYS. We care for CHILDREN.

The fact that the POTUS used the language of "daycare" leads me to question whether he is receiving input from child development experts or is his advice primarily coming from the education/school field.

Cheryl Tella · May 04, 2021
The Learning Journey Preschool and Child Care Corp.
Bristol, Rhode Island, United States

I have been in the Field of Early Childhood for 37 years!
I have been teaching in a High School CTE Early Education and Care Lab setting for the past 15 years.
Recently, I finally realized my dream and opened my own Child Care Center (and Covid -19 Struck!)
Now I am hearing our field is getting noticed by the new Government Elect, which I believe could be a wonderful partnership in helping families with young children, as well as, the hard hit private child care community.
These early childhood educators offer amazing programs all over the country to our young children.
I firmly believe for this partnership to become a reality EXPERTS from Early Education and Care need to be driving the conversation with the importance of what Quality Child Care is, and MOST IMPORTANTLY respecting that Early Childhood is a period of time in a child's life, where their work is PLAY!
Child Development cannot be pushed or ignored!
Over the past 37 years I have worked in ",Day Care," "Preschool", "Nursery school" as well as "Child Development centers".
A name must carry out the mission of what young children need.. Quality care that offers age appropriate activities, nurturing caring, educators, grounded in Child Development. All children deserve this!
I know as a Early childhood Educator it would be a very moving experience for me, when we hear our government and others understand and advocate that children .. young children, belong enjoying learning through play as a strong foundation to their educational journey.

Kim Gregorchuk · May 04, 2021
Oak Park Unified School District
Oak Park, California, United States

I am very concerned and worried about this. In California, the state added a two year kindergarten program for those children who turn 5 years old between September 2nd to December 2nd. And, that is exactly what it is, 2 years of a kindergarten curriculum that is done at a slower pace than the typical kindergarten. The program is not developmentally appropriate, there is little time for play, and the teachers have a minimal background in early childhood education/development. I do not think early childhood educators were involved in the decision and design process.
Also, once you have programs in the public schools, outcomes will need to be measured through some type of standardized assessment process. We need to look at what the brain research says about how 0 to 8 years old children learn; exploration, child-centered play, games, active movement, uninterrupted time, etc.

Karen Knudsen · May 04, 2021
North City Presbyterian Church
Poway, CA, United States

I am so very happy at the thought of ALL children ages 3-4 being able to receive quality childcare! The one concern I have is that educators and providers understand and implement developmentally appropriate practice in their Early Childhood environment and curriculum! We MUST remain vigilant in protecting children and providing developmentally appropriate activities, curriculum and expectations!

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