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Project-Based Learning for a Project-Based World
May 29, 2019
You donít need a title to be a leader. You lead by example.
-Jamie Woodburn

An article by Robert Schuetz on the Schoology.com website describes the benefits for high school students of learning through a project-based approach: “The truth is, many  in education are recognizing we live in a modern world sustained and advanced through the successful completion of projects…For most modern workers it will be a series of projects that mark their career rather than years of service to a specific organization…Solving real world issues that matter is important to us as adults and it’s important to our students.”

And, in the book, Cultivating an Early Childhood Curriculum, Lilian Katz writes about the value of project-based learning for young children: “The data on children’s learning suggests that preschool and kindergarten experiences require an intellectually oriented approach in which children interact in small groups as they work together on projects that help them makes sense of their own experience. These projects should also strengthen their dispositions to observe, experiment, inquire, and examine more closely the worthwhile aspects of their environments.”

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