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A Sense of Joy
May 31, 2019
When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity.
-Linda Naiman

The late Bev Bos, writing in Child Development: A Beginnings Workshop Book describes how “a sense of joy in a children’s center can be quiet, loud, gentle and fun. A sense of joy can be heard, smelled, and tasted when children make the food. It can be muddy and dirty when children work in the garden and when they dig holes.…It can be blue, red, yellow, purple, brown, black and orange when children do art. A sense of joy can be found in the aching tiredness at the end of the day for children, teachers, and parents who have spent their day together.”

And in her book, The Goodness of Rain, Ann Pelo explains how educators can help children cultivate a sense of joy in deep explorations of the natural world. She includes a poem by Scott Russell Sanders that speaks to the way nature stirs joy in our souls:

“One Wild Spirit
Every blade of grass, every grasshopper,
every sparrow and twig
courses with a wild energy.
The same energy pours through me.
I rock slightly with the
slow pulse of my heart...
My breath and the clouds ride the same wind.”

The Goodness of Rain
Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children

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"Reading The Goodness of Rain made my heart soar. With her beautiful descriptions of guiding young Dylan into seeing the details of the natural world around her, Ann Pelo offers us a clear picture of how we can offer children a strong sense of place in their upbringing." – Margie Carter

Join author Ann Pelo on her year-long journey as she nurtures the ecological identity of a toddler and discovers for herself what it means to live in relationship with the natural world.

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Robert Benowitz · May 31, 2019
Cartersville , Georgia , United States

I was happy to see the name Bev Bos in your May 31, 2019 article Sense of Joy, and it brought back memories of a vivacious, dynamic woman with a keen sense of humor, who was a pioneering advocate for quality early childhood education. I heard Bev speak at many workshops in Northern California and hired her at one time in the 80's to speak to a group of KinderCare Directors. The audience was enraptured by every word Bev said as she made them feel intimately a part of a child's life. There will only be one Bev Bos.

Gerry Slater · May 31, 2019
Milwaukee, WI, United States

Thanks for these selections today! Nice combination. Good thoughts to transition to the weekend.

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